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Online pop-up stores for selling branded and personalized apparel, products and gear

By Sua Sponte Design

SSD Stores allow you to simplify the shopping process for your customers and streamline collecting payment, ordering, purchasing, and production for your business. 


Business Stores

Give your staff an easy way to order uniforms, swag, and more! Sell corporate merch through our hosted online store and let us take care of the rest. 


Fundraising Store 

Give your community a chance to rally together for a cause! Use our online stores to hep raise awareness/donations to a special cause and promote community. 

Save Money and Time

With us doing all the work you can focus on building your brand and selling. With dedicated marketing support your success is our success. 

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Our Amazing Services Include:


Graphic Design 


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Custom Embroidery

Engage your community with custom t-shirts and more

Sell custom t-shirts and take donations with no inventory, hassles or risk from the comfort of your home or office. Just design your shirt, share why you are raising and then share your campaign. We fill the orders and send along the funds you raise! SSD Fundraising is a great tool for any group, cause or community

Bottom Line Up Front: 

Are you taking advantage of the massive business potential that online stores offer yet? We break down the benefits — and give you a complete marketing kit to help you capture leads 

An Online Store, Explained

An online store is, simply put, an e-commerce enabled online shop that’s created and managed by a business, in order to provide an easy way for end-consumers to place orders online.

The key word there is ‘easy.’ Online stores offer customers the easiest and most convenient buying experience possible — and, as business operators who pride ourselves on removing as much friction and frustration from the buying process as we can? Well, it’s safe to say that online stores beat out paper order forms — or whatever other finicky order submission process you use — every time.


Benefit One

Online stores are perfect for any selling opportunities that involve groups of end-consumers that need to place individual orders.


Benefit Two

 Online stores automate your order collection process and store your order data electronically, removing any chance of human error. The technology does the admin work for you, so you (and your team) can focus on building — and strengthening your customer relationships.


Benefit Three

 Your customers and end-consumers alike can share their online stores on social media, exposing your products to massive populations of people that you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise reach.

Provide a modern buying experience customers and end consumers love!

Your success is our success



Sua Sponte Design is amazing! I had some requests for the shirts to be soft and of high quality. Sua Sponte design sent me samples that ALL fit my criteria and we agreed on which one I liked best. They also helped with the creation of the logo and were very responsive with everything! I am truly excited about the new products on the way for my next event and loved partnering with Sua Sponte not just because of quality and responsiveness but also the best pricing on the market. I highly recommend using Sua Sponte for your design and product needs. Thanks guys! 

–Johnny Elsasser-

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have the answers

How does it work?

SSD Fundraising gives you the tools you need to create a fundraiser built around sales of custom designed t-shirts or other apparel. Our platform is 100% free to use, and if your page generates funds, we pass those funds along to your chosen beneficiary at the end of your fundraiser. 

How does SSD Fundraising make money?

SSD Fundraising wants everyone to benefit from our fundraising platform. That’s why an organizer can launch and run a Fundraising page without upfront costs! In order to make that possible, the cost to host and manage your fundraiser is built into the order cost of the items you sell.

Never has it been easier to get into apparel 

with no risk 



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